Over the last five decades, fluorescent tube lighting has become a commonplace feature of our lives, especially in offices. But there’s now an alternative: LED tubes.

This begs a question, of course. Why should we consider an LED alternative if fluorescent lighting has served us well for 50 years? The answer is simple.

People have been worrying about the safety and efficiency of fluorescent tube lighting for some time.

  • Fluorescent lighting uses mercury vapour to produce light. In other words, each tube harbours a poisonous gas. In America, the government’s Environmental Protection Agency is so wary of fluorescent lighting, it recommends building managers clean an office and its air conditioning system if a bulb breaks.
  • Fluorescent tube lighting can make you feel uncomfortable. This is because much of the energy from a tube is a mix of ultraviolet light and heat.
  • Fluorescent lights don’t save as much energy as you might think. Turning them on requires high voltage. And if you turn the tubes on and off regularly, you reduce their life span.

LED tubes are a valid alternative to fluorescents.

  • LED light bulbs use less than a third of the power of fluorescent tube lighting and last up to five times longer.
  • LED light bulbs don’t contain mercury and are recyclable.
  • Instead of spreading their light everywhere like fluorescent tubes, LED light bulbs focus light at an angle of 120 degrees for greater efficiency.
  • As for comfort, LED tubes switch on immediately without flickering and provide a more natural light.

Major companies such as Walmart have seen the benefits of LED tubes. They are now changing from the fluorescent lighting they’ve used for years. The result is cheaper fuel bills and a better working environment, two sound reasons for giving LED tubes serious consideration.

If you would like more information on LED tube lighting, or you are considering upgrading to LED lighting in you home or workplace, please give one of our helpful and knowledgeable member of staff a call: 01494 720 450 or email us: info@simplyled.co.uk.

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