Last week, the North Ayrshire council approved plans to spend over £4 million on replacing lights with LED light bulbs.

With the UK’s mandatory limit on carbon emissions (Carbon Reduction Commitment), the Ayrshire council felt the best way to meet the targets were to switch the current street lighting to LED lighting. This will consist of changing around 13,500 lights across North Ayrshire. The street lighting currently costs £870,000 a year and with the Carbon Reduction Commitment would rise to £940,000 a year.

Though expensive at first will result in huge savings for the council. The plan is estimated to save 2,475 tonnes of CO2 a year and save enough money to pay for itself in 6 years. It is also expected to reduce light pollution.

The bulb replacement plan is set to start soon, first taking effect on the islands then moving to the mainland.

Corporate Director of Development and Environment, Craig Hatton, said:

LED technology is the best option with a number of advantages. The bulbs are low energy with a longer life cycle, meaning fewer complaints from residents about dark lamps. They also produce a clear light, which shines where it needs to be and doesn’t spill into other areas.

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