Gloucestershire Council is expected to make millions through LED street lighting.

A discussion has begun on whether the council should convert to LED streetlights. The council may be bringing into action a 12 year, £32 million contract which covers LED lighting and maintenance.

Investment in LED lighting was approved as part of the Council Budget for 2014/15 through to 2017/18 in February. LED light bulbs use less than half the energy of the original sodium lights.

By switching to LED streetlights the council hopes to save about £17 million over the next 25 years.

This will also help the council meet it’s carbon reduction target because of the low energy.

Cabinet member for Highways and Flood, Councillor Vernon Smith, said:

LED lighting is a modern, energy efficient system with many benefits. It will mean we are using less energy and reducing our impact on the environment as well as saving money long term.

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