As LED lighting becomes more and more popular, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of low cost LED lighting with reliable and long lasting LED light bulbs. However, some people are finding that the amazing specifications quoted by some companies online, really are too good to be true.

Many people make the mistake when buying products online of not taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the products they are buying, and the companies they are buying from are reputable. This can result in them being left with faulty products, no one to contact if something is wrong with their products, or products far below the quality that was stated online.

Important things to consider when making an online purchase would be the company’s policies:

  • Do they accept returns?
  • Do their products come with a warranty?
  • Will there be someone for you to talk to if something is wrong?

These things may seem like an absolute given, but you would be surprised how many companies offer little to no structure when it comes to their policies.

Have a look at the contact details of any website offering cheap products. More often than not you will see that they

  • are not even a limited company,
  • are not registered for VAT, and
  • probably don’t have product liability insurance in place.

If they ‘claim’ to be the biggest seller of LED products in the UK and aren’t a VAT registered limited company then possibly their claims are a little far fetched!

Checking the quality of a product is also tough. It is hard not to trust the information that the website offers, especially if it is being presented in an official specification.

Something to look out for would be whether the product has all the relevant certifications, saying it has been tested and approved for use.

It is also worth noting that although many bulbs may look the same, it does not necessarily mean they are. Many companies will use the same manufacturer to create the housing of a bulb, but they will very rarely use the same components inside. LED chip quality varies enormously. It is impossible to tell them apart when looking at them, which is why it is so important to do everything you can to ensure that you are buying a high quality bulb.

What do you think about cheap LED light bulbs? We welcome your comments and would be interested in speaking with you should you require any additional advice.

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