You don’t have to be a qualified designer or architect to experiment with LED light bulbs. You can create lighting effects around the home with minimum effort. And one of the best places for these is under your cabinets.

LED light bulbs are also practical. Overhead lights cause shadows beneath cabinets. This applies equally in kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and en-suites. LED light bulbs make shadows disappear by brightening dark areas.

It’s up to you what LED light bulbs you choose for under cabinet lighting. You can have strips or separate fittings. You can opt for dimmable LED light bulbs or coloured LED light bulbs.

Whatever LED light bulbs you go for, the bulbs don’t give off a lot of heat, unlike incandescent lighting. This means you’re not going to burn your hand if you accidentally touch your under cabinet LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are also low energy. They help to keep electricity bills down. And they last a long time. When you install LED lighting under cabinets, you shouldn’t have to replace any bulbs for 50,000 hours.

Finally, you’re being good to the environment when you use LED light bulbs. The bulbs are mercury-free, which is more than you can say for fluorescent lighting.

One further point: don’t limit LED lighting to under your cabinets. LED light bulbs are versatile. If your cabinets have glass fronts, put LED light bulbs inside. Or place LED light bulbs along the tops of cabinets to create an uplighter effect.

So take a little time out after you’ve read this piece. Imagine how LED light bulbs can enhance the appearance of your cabinets and rooms.

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Jody Sykes
Jody Sykes
12 years ago

This looks brilliant. I am just about to redo my kitchen and was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere where I could get some 20mm hole saws please? Thanks!