If you’re looking for a creative way to brighten your home or office, use waterproof LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs will transform the appearance of a room, garden or outdoor building. You can also use them on a caravan or boat.

1. Waterproof LED light bulbs have a special coating. Water is unable to penetrate this and ruin the bulbs. But beware. When you use waterproof bulbs, you must have waterproof bulb sockets.

2. In bathrooms, you must meet strict rules when you position standard lighting. Waterproof LED light bulbs let you explore a wider range of lighting options. Put LED strip lights around the bath or shower, for example. Add LED spotlights to the ceiling, walls or floor. Use coloured bulbs to create mood effects. Also fit separate switches for your lights so you can change your lighting patterns.

3. Using waterproof LED rope lights and LED strip lights is the simple, versatile way to add light outdoors. Because rope and strip lights are flexible, you can place them along the contours of trellises, walls and sheds. The lighting options include white, coloured and flashing. A sheath of PVC covers the bulbs and protects them from moisture. Don’t submerge LED rope or strip lights in water, however.

4. Many boats rely on 12-volt batteries for lighting. Waterproof LED light bulbs are low energy and can run off a 12-volt power source. As a result, they’re ideal for life on the water. So if you’re into boating, think LED!

5. Use a suitably qualified electrician to fit your waterproof LED lighting. You may be confident about wiring, but it’s wise to employ an expert. Water and electricity don’t mix well.

Finally, waterproof LED light bulbs are long lasting and economical to run so you can combine lighting pizzazz with low costs.  But don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbours are envious!

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12 years ago

Waterproofing is an important aspect to take care of when it comes to wiring. Many LED bulbs easily get short if they come across water.