The sun is finally here and the world cup is upon us. So here’s how to decorate using light to throw the ultimate World Cup Party/Barbecue.


Start the party early, even though the match is late, to celebrate in the sun. When the sun begins to go down, start up some outdoor multi-coloured LED lights. Set half of them to red and the other half to white to really get you and your guests in to the England mood. Strip lights can be hung from anywhere and can also be set to red or white. A great idea to do with strip lights is to hang them behind England flag buntings to really highlight the flags.


When the party moves indoors, you can do the same method for the strip lights and buntings as they look great inside and out. Another great way to highlight the flag is to use a spotlight to put behind the flag. To really accentuate this, dim or turn off the main lights in the room. You can also decorate using the main lights in the room if you have the colour changing LED light bulbs. You can set them to alternate continuously alternate between red and white. This will especially look great in a white-ish or dark room.

Remember if highlighting the flags to make sure they’re not too close together, you want them to have a subtle glow. All lights mentioned are available on our website and can be easily accessed using the clickable links above or the helpful tabs at the top of the site.

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