Whether you loved or hated P.E. at school, we all have memories of the sport halls.

Recently a company called ASB have developed an LED smart floor which can be used in schools to light sports halls. The LED light bulbs are laid under the floor and can be used to light different boundary marks depending on the sport being played. The floor illuminate the markings for five different sports in total, eliminating the confusion caused by multicoloured sticky tape, typically found in school sport halls.

This smart floor is made from toughened glass which features an anti-skid laminate. Ultra bright LED Strip Lights are placed under the glass which are then linked up to a control panel, allowing the user to choose the court type needed at the touch of a button. The sports that can be played using the LED smart floor are: tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton.

For those of you worried about playing sport on a glass surface, fear not. The LED Floor utilizes an ultra strong laminate surface, uses toughened glass and is slightly sprung to help soften the strain placed on joints moving around on the floor. Better still, the floor can be heated from underneath, perfect for sports such as gymnastics which can mean you have direct contact with the floor. Alternatively its an efficient way to heat up the room without the need for cumbersome radiators that limit floor space/ decrease safety.

If a school decides to invest in one of these floors it will set them back £420 per square meter. It may be a large expense but with the sudden increased interest in sport since the 2012 Olympics, this could be the next step to give children in our schools the best opportunities in sport. Schools that invest will stand out and be able to use the new smart LED floor technology as a talking point. They can even have the schools logo embellished on the floor!

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