A scheme to fund energy efficient lighting upgrades for schools has been launched by Energys Group and Smart Eco.

The scheme requires no capital investment from the participating schools, who are also allowed to pay for the new lighting equipment out of the money that they will save by switching to the energy efficient lighting. This unique funding scheme has also been established with Utility Rentals joining Energys Group and Smart Eco.

Utility Rentals will work closely with Energys Group and Smart Eco to enable it to be easier to switch to green technology and also establish a flexible operating lease to participating schools.

The scheme will feature the use of LED lighting along with an array of other energy efficient technologies. Energys Group specialise in retro fit technologies which make swapping traditional halogen bulbs to energy efficient lighting very easy and simple.

In these harsh economic times this unique funding scheme enables schools with budget constraints to invest wisely in greener technology while also significantly reducing running costs. Kevin Cox, technical director at Energys Group explained that “There are still thousands of schools using old and inefficient fluorescent lighting and recent budget cuts make the funding of upgrades almost impossible. The Utility Rental lease scheme offers an innovative solution to funding challenges – instant energy savings with no upfront costs”.

This fantastic funding scheme will highlight to the younger generation the true saving ability of LED lighting over traditional halogen bulbs and will hopefully create a generation of people who instinctively choose LED light bulbs.

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