In the competitive industry of TV manufacturing companies are constantly looking for new ways to have ‘the next big thing.’

Well Austrian firm C SEED Entertainment Systems have found the next big thing, all too literally. They have created an LED TV, which is the words largest TV measuring at an enormous 201 inches across, just over 16 Feet.

The screen has been designed by carmaker Porsche and features 725,000 LED light bulbs. The massive screen may not quite fit into a little one bedroom flat but is perfect for private yacht owners. When turned off the TV folds away and is easily opened using the remote control. The TV will however set you back £414,000, a splash in the water to give you yacht the ultimate luxury.

The TV uses fingerprint recognition technology to keep from just anyone using it. It also includes streaming capabilities using fibre optic cables and a windows 7 server. It is protected against the environment with waterproof components, wind sensors and lasers. So you know your investment is safe.

If you don’t quite have room for this LED TV then do not fear, LED TVs are becoming a common place in homes now a days. Their clear crisp picture makes for excellent watching, used together with a good surround sound system you could create your own little home cinema in your living room.

To create the cinema at home with your LED TV there are a few simple tricks you can use. Place LED Strip Light around the back of your TV or TV stand to give the back lit effect. Or place strip lights around the edge of the room so when the main lights in the room are turned off you have lower lighting to give the true cinematic atmosphere. Try this great recipe to make perfect popcorn at home, invite friends over to watch the latest releases without forking out a tonne to go to local cinemas. Bring the cinema to you with LED TVs and LED lighting!

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