Ten years ago, the use of decorative lights anywhere other than on a Christmas tree would have seemed extravagant to most of us.

But technology has advanced and mass production of LED light bulbs is now economically viable, so you can be more creative when lighting your home. And what better time to experiment with home lighting than at your party?

LED light bulbs are inexpensive and last for 50,000 hours on average, so if you buy some just for parties, they’ll last you a lifetime!

Using LED light bulbs to brighten up a house party brings endless possibilities. You can highlight objects in your home which are important to you, such as certificates or photographs. This will draw attention to points of interest and help break the ice between strangers.

Look around your home for other good places to string up some lights. Framing your windows with LED light bulbs will dazzle your guests, while a trail of bulbs along the banister will light the way for those looking for the bathroom!

Think of ways to utilise your existing light fittings too. Why not replace your current lounge light with a coloured LED bulb? You could even create a green room (literally) for your guests to relax in! Coloured LED lights can boost  people’s moods, so you could create different vibes in each room.

If you’re lucky with the weather you can even take your party lights outside. Be imaginative! If you have a garden table, decorate the parasol with LED fairy lights. Better still, hide a light under the tablecloth, to make it glow. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs don’t get hot, so there’s no danger of your tablecloth or parasol scorching or catching fire either.

LED lights will add magic to any occasion, especially in a garden at night, so give your guests an evening they will never forget. And remember – LED lights are for life, not just for Christmas!

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12 years ago

You have a very diverse range of lightbulbs and LED lighting on your site. I like it so much. This is complimented by your blog.


12 years ago

The post you wrote is very good.