The smart lightbulb market will greatly increase by 2020 – that’s what ABI Research found.

The amount of shipments for smart bulbs in 2013 was less than 2.5 million but is predicted to rise to 223 million by 2020. As the prices of LED light bulbs begin to fall, it will make smart lighting more accessible/affordable for consumers.

A lot of lighting manufacturers are paying close attention to smart bulbs. Before Smart Bulbs can really take off there are certain issues which manufacturers will have to overcome in terms of security concerns and high upfront cost.

Practice Director at ABI Research, Malik Saadi, said:

Because of the additional dimensions smart lighting brings to the consumer lifestyle including lighting automation and because of it’s carbon footprint efficiency, this industry will rapidly become one of the key technologies that could bring Internet of Everything closer to consumers. Overall, LED lightbulb sales are currently driven by new additions but as the market saturates, industry players will increasingly use connectivity to bring added value features and services to residential lighting systems and attempt to boost consumers in upgrading to a smarter lighting environment.

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