There are a lot of articles on how some light can affect your circadian rhythm aka your internal body clock. However, those articles don’t tell you how to amend it.

Your internal body clock is what makes you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night disruption to your internal body clock can affect your sleeping pattern leading to a reduced amount of sleep which affects mental and physical wellbeing.

Your internal clock reacts to different colours and the intensity of light which are both adjustable with the LIFX bulb. You can do it manually or use the Alarm or Slide to Fade option.

LIFX and the dLUX Lighting Lab came up with a system of getting your circadian rhythm in order. On their blog, they’ve set the following schedule as a guide:

In the morning set the bulb to an orange hue with a brightness of around 65%

Orange LIFX

At mid-morning switch from the colour menu to the whites menu to select a medium to white hue and turn the brightness to about 80%.

yellow LIFX

Around midday, change it to a blue toned white at 100% brightness

Bright White LED

In the mid-afternoon change the colour to a warm white at about 75% brightness.

Warm White LIFX

In the evening, set the colour to a yellow-to-orange hue with a brightness of 55%.

Yellow to Orange LIFX

When it’s close to you going to bed change the colour to a red with orange tones at only around 30% brightness. You could also use the Slide to Fade option so it will gradually fade before turning off.


To see the lighting guide in full size Click Here

Information and picture credit LIFX and dLUX Lighting Lab.

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