These amazing decorations look awesome for any occasion. They would look great in a baby’s nursery or a young girls fairy-tale styled bedroom. Or make them for your wedding reception and hang them around the room to create the ultimate dream fantasy evening, matched with a starry fairy-light lit ceiling it would create an amazing look. And the best thing is they are super easy to make, in a few simple steps.

What you will need

  • Cotton wool (preferably in a large roll)
  • Paper Lantern
  • LED Flameless Candle
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to make it

  • Pull apart the cotton wool until it resembles clouds
  • Use the hot glue gun to apply glue to various areas over the paper lantern
  • Stick the pulled cotton wool onto the glued areas until the lantern is almost covered; ensure it is all fluffy to the desired effect
  • Turn on the LED Flameless Candle and place inside the lantern
  • Hang your LED cloud light somewhere where it will impress.

These safe and cheap to make decoration will look much more expensive than they are, decorate with additional jewels and glittery strings to make the light extra ‘bling’. This works especially well for kids bedrooms. In a little girls room, why not go crazy with the cloud theme? Using the glue gun and cotton wool you could decorate plain boxes to make secret boxes to hide their favourite jewels in. Or decorate the posts of bunk beds with the cotton wool to put their bed in the clouds. The possibilities are endless, it would certainly make you the coolest of parents creating a fairy-tale bedroom up in the clouds. Alternatively use Coloured LED Lighting in the lamps to create a multicoloured clouds.

Of course these lights are easily customised and can be used for many occasions; from weddings to birthday parties. If you make one of these we would love to see how they look. Why not combine them with one of our Candle Shaped LED light bulbs and create a few LED Cloud Lights.

Remember to Tweet us your pictures and let us know what you used them for! We’re on twitter: @SimplyLED.

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