Home and Furniture retailer, IKEA, plan to sell only LED light bulbs in their US stores. This was the first retailer in America to sell LED exclusively.

The decision was due to a survey conducted that discovered that 50% of Americans have seen an increase in their electricity bills in the past few years. Further research revealed that the majority of US residents said up to 40% of their electricity bill comes from lighting.

Ikea have already banned incandescent light bulbs and plastic bags and this is the next step of their suitability plan. They hope to only sell LED light bulbs by 2016.

The plan called ‘People and Planet Positive’ doesn’t just apply to the items they sell but replace 1.2 million light sources in stores with LED light bulbs reducing their energy consumption by 20% and saving them around £12 million a year.

Other parts of their plan is to recycle 90% of store waste and install solar panels. They plan to completely shift to renewable energy by 2020.

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