If you have discovered the benefits of LED lights in your home, don’t keep them to yourself! Why not spread the word at work to encourage your boss to make the LED leap?

LED light bulbs are a viable option for offices of all sizes. Even a small office needs a large amount of light to function at its best. Hallways, receptions, meeting rooms and exterior areas all need to be brightly lit for several hours a day.

If you are lucky enough to get lots of natural light into your office, this reduces the need for artificial light. Many offices, however, have small windows and must rely on electrical light. Additionally, it is the responsibility of every employer to provide office workers with adequate lighting. A certain level of light is required to ensure the comfort and safety of those who work at a desk or on a computer.

Fluorescent lighting is a poor choice for an office, as it is prone to making a humming noise, which can be distracting. Fluorescent lights often flicker, which can be irritating and even cause headaches. LED lights, on the other hand, are efficient, long lasting and durable.

Office lights are often recessed or inaccessible, making regular bulb replacement difficult. LED lights are the best solution to this problem. With an expected operational life span of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, an LED lamp is undoubtedly the most cost effective option. The average life of an incandescent bulb is only around 1,000 hours. While the initial investment may be higher, this cost is quickly recouped.

The key selling point of LED lighting for the office environment is the huge reduction in power consumption. LED lights convert around 90% of the electrical energy to light energy, losing the remaining 10% as heat energy. Incandescent bulbs are only around 20% efficient, losing 80% of the electrical energy as heat.

Since LED light bulbs remain cool to the touch – unlike incandescent bulbs, which can reach a temperature of 481F – air conditioning requirements are greatly reduced too.  So be sure to spread the LED word at work.  Your boss will thank you for it – and you never know, you might even get a pay rise with all that money they save!

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