You know that feeling: It’s a Friday, you’re tired, it’s been a long week and you can’t wait for the weekend!

Whilst you may blame this feeling on your workload, work colleagues or the sheer effort of getting out of bed every morning for work, have you considered that the lighting in your office can affect your mood and enthusiasm to work? Having no natural lighting or working under fluorescent lighting for long periods can affect your mood and your productivity. But having lighting that replicates daylight and feels natural can actually improve your mood and mean you get more work done with more efficiency and less strain.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO have developed ceiling lighting panels which replicates the quality of lighting found outdoors. The panels consist of red, green, blue and white LED light bulbs. What’s more interesting though, is not only can the panels produce daylight quality light, but they can also be set to replicate the light found in changing weather conditions (reminiscent of the enchanted ceiling found in the Great Hall of Hogwarts). Coincidentally, as if by magic, when a series of workers were tested, productivity was increased upwards of 15% when the panels where installed. This was in comparison to the traditional fluorescent static lighting previously installed. Although the initial outlay may appear expensive (nearly 1,000 Euros per panel) the increase in productivity seen when the panels were installed, may make all the difference to your business. Alongside this, the happier, more relaxed workers and the positive atmosphere created in your office will also have a favourable impact.

An example of the LED ‘Sky Light Panels’ offered by Fraunhofer.

LED lighting can dramatically change any office, without the need for these particular LED light panels though. Using coloured LED light bulbs can also have a positive impact on a workers mood. Why not use calming, coloured lighting in areas where workers can go to relax during break periods? A short respite from work can improve productivity and workers will be able to enjoy their break, ready to return to work feeling calmer and with a clearer mind. The bright, clear lighting produced by LED light bulbs will also help any workers with eyesight problems. They will be able to enjoy reduced strain when reading from screens and paper work. This will help avoid the unnecessary discomfort caused by working in dimly lit offices.

We all know how frustrating it is to work under flickering fluorescent lighting; with LED light bulbs this is a thing of the past. You will also notice the instant start up time, as LED light bulbs do not have to wait hours to reach full brightness. This is unlike other energy saving lighting options such as CFL and means work can start as soon as you arrive in the office.

LED light bulbs have major advantages for business owners.  Their low power consumption means they will see considerable savings each month, meaning more can be invested in other areas of the business. The longer average life span offered with LED lighting will also ensure reduced bulb replacements, saving more money and time.

Having a comfortable, well lit office is key to having happy employees. Working in bad conditions will drop moral within workers, leading to more time spent doing less productive work. Workers who enjoy coming into their office in a morning will have a more positive outlook, and produce better work.

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