Unfortunately we all suffer pain of some form in our lifetime. Whilst some will only suffer acute/short lived pain, some will suffer long-term pain such as arthritis or pain from long-term muscle damage.

Traditionally, pain-killing drugs are used to treat this pain such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. But for long term use, these drugs do not always provide the best solution. Long-term use of pain relief drugs can result in long term, dangerous side effects. This is where LED light therapy is taking charge, pushing aside traditional drugs for a drug free, yet effective form of pain relief.

How does it work?

The technique, known as the Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) System, allows the wavelengths from both red and infrared LED light to penetrate deep into the body through, skin, tissue, muscle and even bone. The wavelengths help ease pain and speed up the healing process. The wavelengths also help increase circulation, block pain-transmitting chemicals, encourage the production of endorphins and help replace damaged cells. These effects, when combined, speed up the healing process in the body and help to ease the pain.

Has it been proven?

NASA first discovered the healing benefits of this technology when they used red LED light therapy in an experiment to show plant growth. The technology was also used to speed up the healing process of astronauts in outer space. The use of LED lighting in the treatment of injuries seems to offer an improvement in the healing process of bone marrow transplant tissue too. If further testing proves successful, this could see a massive breakthrough in both the healing and pain relief of future cancer patients.

What else is it useful for?

Not only do the possible medical applications of this LED light technology point to a brighter future in pain management, but it also has applications in the cosmetic industry where this technology is already being used. Companies and salons are offering LED light technology for anti aging treatments.  The technology can also be used in patients who wish to minimise the appearance of scars or in the treatment of acne. LED lighting technology also has the potential to be used by farmers to repair crops after damage from bad weather.

At the moment some of this technology is still experimental, but you can purchase small LED light treatment systems for yourself, although the benefits have not been 100% proven in effective pain relief. But for people who do not wish to use any invasive form of pain relief this technology could be a massive break through.

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