Your property is your castle, and you want to do everything in your power to keep it safe.

Adding extra locks and safety chains to doors, double glazing on windows and burglar alarms are a few ways to make your home safer. But you want to feel safe whether you are inside or outside your home… The addition of an LED Flood Light with PIR sensor can give you that peace of mind, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you will return to  a well lit, safer home.

What is a PIR sensor?

A Passive Infrared Sensor, is a sensor attached to the Flood Light which detects infrared light signals. Infrared is a heat energy emitted by objects above the absolute zero infrared amount. Humans and animals with warm body temperatures emit a high infrared signal. The sensor detects the infrared emitted by a person or object with a higher infrared signal, and sends an electrical signal to the Flood Light to turn on.

Why would you use a PIR?

You may choose a floodlight with a PIR as opposed to one without because if a floodlight is placed outside your home, to keep it turned on all the time can be disruptive and wasteful of energy. It would have to be manually turned on and off as required. Whereas a floodlight with an PIR sensor will only turn on when required by detecting a person, so when you arrive home as soon as you pass the sensor the light turns on so you can get into your house in bright light. Then once you are in your home after a short time the light turns out so the light doesn’t disrupt you.

Using an LED floodlight with a PIR sensor will make your home safer and lower your energy costs compared to use with a traditional one, due to the lower power consumption of the LED light bulbs and the light only on when needed. The LED Flood Light will give out a strong bright light and it’s long life span means you wont have to worry about fiddly and difficult lamp changes. So take the step and make your home even safer with the LED Flood Light with PIR sensor.

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