Whether you just choose to replace your old incandescent light bulbs for LED light bulbs or create a breath-taking lighting display for your home, there’s no doubt LED technology is changing life as we know it today.

In the days before energy-efficient LED light bulbs, people skimped on lighting, all too aware of the cost of electricity.  Now with low running costs and huge flexibility, you can really afford to go overboard lighting your home, safe in the knowledge it won’t cost you a mint to run. 

While we can create amazing light shows in our home courtesy of LED lighting, what else has the technology got in store for us?  How about brightening your life with LED furniture?

The term electric chair has macabre connotations.  So the thought of plugging in and charging your furniture is quite frankly, mind boggling!  Italian company Colico, has developed a range of sofas with LED lighting which make a really unusual design statement.

Much of the LED furniture available is made from polythene.  Simply charge it and sit back and enjoy twelve hours of colourful illumination.  Operated by a remote control, you can choose between static light or even a full strobing display!

What’s more, LED furniture can be used both inside and out. You can choose from chairs, tables, stools, and a range of other furniture, not to mention the ultimate LED bar accessory … an illuminated ice bucket!  They will add a whole new dimension to lighting your garden.       

Hire companies have been quick to catch on and you can now book LED furniture for weddings, parties and other events.  If you want to make a lighting statement in your home, the furniture is readily available and quite affordable to buy and of course, to run.  Soon, your whole home could be ablaze with LED light bulbs. Next time you’re reading in bed, think how much easier it would be with an illuminated pillow.

So what else does the future hold?  Who knows!  But one thing’s for sure – with LED technology – the sky really is the limit.  Watch this space.

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12 years ago

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