If you’re interested in photography, you’re interested in light. The two things go together. Your use of light and lighting effects, can turn a good photo into a great one. This is where LED light bulbs can help.

If you have a camera phone, you want a built-in flash for indoor pictures. Most flashes are either LED or Xenon. The benefit of using an LED flash is the quality of the light. It’s softer and more even than the light from a Xenon flash.

If you take videos with a camera phone, you definitely want LED because it gives a constant source of light. Xenon bulbs create a flash of light for still images, but don’t stay on for videos.

Macro Photography

Macro photography involves taking close-up pictures of small subjects. Inevitably some of these subjects are in darkened surroundings, so you need light. A macro LED ring light provides this.

A ring light is a circle of LED light bulbs which fits around your camera lens. It allows you to get close to a subject fast. You don’t have to set up a separate lighting system. The quality of the light is also soft enough for you to avoid the problems of glare you might experience with a conventional flash.

Ever wondered how professional photographers remove unwanted shadows from a portrait photo? They use complex and expensive lighting systems. But there’s an easier way to remove shadows. What you need are LED light pads.

The LED pads come in different sizes and shapes. They range from 3” x 6” oblongs to 12” circles.  The pads provide an even light to eliminate shadows. They also help to highlight a subject’s features.

If you have a digital video camera, lighting can be a headache. When you pan around a room, for instance, your picture may go from light to dark and back again. You can avoid this problem with an LED video panel light attached to your camera.

A typical LED video panel has 96 separate LED light bulbs and requires just 9 watts of power. The resulting light is comfortable to work with because it’s heat-free. And the colours on your screen look natural rather than harsh.

Floodlights can give greater light and depth to your photos than a standard flash. However, floodlights can be heavy and may require an electric socket for power. This is why an LED floodlight is a better choice. It has around 180 bulbs, but you can run these from batteries. You therefore have a portable but powerful floodlight available whenever you need it.

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