MR16 bulbs are often part of 12-volt lighting systems. These systems need a transformer to convert mains electricity to 12 volts. Until now, if you wanted to switch from halogen MR16 bulbs to low energy LED light bulbs, you had to replace this transformer with LED drivers.

Some people who replace MR16 halogen bulbs with LED equivalents, take a chance. They leave the halogen transformer in place. But this can lead to problems.

The halogen bulbs may have been 50 watts. Each LED MR16 may use just five watts. The drop in wattage can affect the transformer and cause a surge of electricity above 12 volts. This surge, or spike, can damage the LED light bulbs. They may flash once and go off. Or they may flash repeatedly like strobe lights.

One solution is to keep a 50-watt halogen MR16 in the lighting circuit. This runs counter to the idea of using LED light bulbs in the first place. To resolve the issue, you need to remove the halogen transformer and put LED drivers into the circuit. The drivers maintain a constant electrical current and prevent bulb damage.

To avoid problems, you therefore have to buy LED drivers and employ an electrician to fit them. This isn’t the end of the world. But your installation costs increase.

New LED MR16 bulbs

This is why SimplyLED’s latest MR16 bulbs are so good. You can put them in a halogen lighting circuit without making any further adjustments. You can leave the old transformer in place. You cut back on electricity use, and don’t have to buy drivers.

SimplyLED’s latest MR16 LED light bulbs make life easier and cheaper.

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