Here are SimplyLED’s top 5 reasons to switch to LED lighting:

They Are More Energy Efficient

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are highly inefficient. Only about 10% of the energy used to power the light bulb actually goes to producing light, and the remaining 90% is emitted as heat.  On the other hand, LED light bulbs produce virtually no heat, and so use far less energy to produce the same amount of light.

They Last For Ages

If you’re tired of having to regularly replace blown halogen bulbs or have some lights in awkward places such as above stairs or in high ceilings, LED light bulbs really offer an advantage over regular incandescent light bulbs.  With a lifespan of 30,000 hours or more, you can forget about having to change the bulb for well over a decade!  LED light bulbs deteriorate slowly; unlike incandescent and CFL bulbs, which can blow with no warning- leaving you in the dark!

They’ll Save You Money

Being 90% more efficient that Incandescent lighting, and having a far greater lifespan, LED lighting will save a significant amount on your lighting costs.  We calculate that the average home (with 20 halogen bulbs on for four hours per day) will save around £170 in electricity costs each year.  This means that the bulbs will have paid for themselves in around 14 months, leaving you to enjoy over ten years of substantial savings!

They Light Up Instantly

Everyone hates how CFL bulbs take ages to “warm up”.  In fact, it’s one of the main criticisms we see on Twitter about traditional energy saving lighting. Even once they are bright enough, the colour of the light is often less than satisfactory. LED light bulbs offer an alternative; instantly illuminating your room with brilliant warm or bright white light depending on your choice of bulb.

They’re Better For The Environment

Over a quarter of carbon emissions come from the home and much of this comes from lighting. By lowering your Carbon Footprint with LED lighting, you are helping to protect the environment for future generations. LED light bulbs are also kinder to the environment as they contain no hazardous metals such as mercury. When the time comes to replace the bulbs, we provide a responsible recycling service to our customers and you’ll be pleased to know that over 95 per cent of an LED bulb is recyclable.

What are your top reasons for switching to LED light bulbs? Share your success stories in the comments below.

Thanks for reading my article, I’ll see you in the comments.

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