As you will of heard, some council’s decisions to turn off street lights have left residents feeling unsafe and vulnerable.

People believe that darkness causes an increase in crime, and an unlit street can pose danger. The same can be said for an unlit house. If your house is completely in the dark it can be unsettling to think that your house could be a target for crime. Vandalism could occur without you even realising it.

However, with the latest LED technology home security lights are now more affordable and eco-friendly. Also, the long life of LED lights reduce the hassle of having to constantly change the light. Though floodlights are used for many reasons, to deter criminals is the most common. New floodlights by Phoebe, have a lifespan of over 30,000 hours and use little energy meaning that they won’t make much of an impact on your energy bills. The Phoebe LED floodlights are also completely weatherproof meaning you place them is completely up to you.

Though these are usually used for security they provide safety too. As it is the season of BBQs and we have been lucky with the weather this year, floodlights can help when guest leave or arrive. The light means that they will be able to find your house and safely find their car. It’s also helpful for you after a cheeky night out when you struggle to find your keys.

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