Earlier this year the Sunday Times ran an article featuring SimplyLED and our GU10 LED bulbs. The article featured reporter Caroline Scott welcoming an energy-efficiency advisor into her home, in an attempt to discover why her energy bills where so high.

Scott, like most people began with the assumption that common household devices such as laptops, game consoles and flat screen televisions where the cause of her extensive electricity usage. However, she was soon to discover that the energy consumption of these devices paled in comparison to the collection of halogen downlights being used to light her house.

According to Energy Advisor, Giles Read, one halogen bulb uses up more energy per hour than leaving a television on standby for an entire week!

Now consider that the average UK household has around 30 bulbs (the equivalent to 30 televisions on standby!) and it’s easy to see how the cost of lighting a home can spiral out of control.

This is where SimplyLED can help. We offer a wide range of LED light bulbs that can be used to efficiently light all areas of your home:

  • GU10 and MR16 LED light bulbs could be used to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Our B22s are perfect for chandeliers and other forms of ceiling lighting.

Interestingly Scott has a fairly standard collection of 45 (2,250w) halogen bulbs running at once in her house; Read calculates that this will add 22.5p per hour to her electricity bill. Staggering when you consider that a switch to SimplyLED’s GU10 LED, MR16 and B22 LED light bulbs would result in a significantly reduced hourly cost of 1.8p.

With this kind of cost reduction and energy efficiency it makes sense to switch to SimplyLED’s range of cost effective and reliable LEDs.

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