LED lights are revolutionising the home lighting industry with their energy-saving capabilities. Every day, thousands of home owners are replacing their outmoded incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs. But why stop at updating your lights? There are many other ways to save energy in the home, and we’re not talking about using robotic vacuums either!

One great way to save energy is to monitor your gas and electricity usage. You can purchase products such as the OWL which keep track of your electricity use.  And  some suppliers provide their customers with free smart meters to monitor both gas and electricity usage. By seeing the cost of your energy in real time, you’ll soon learn which appliances are pushing up your bills and you’ll instantly become more energy conscious!

An obvious tip everyone knows about is turning your TV off properly rather than leaving it on standby. However, not everyone knows you can buy plug adaptors with a master and slave socket arrangement. If you plug your TV into the master socket, and your X-Box, DVD player and Freeview box into slave sockets, all these appliances will shut down when you turn your TV off. Now that’s efficient!

Insulation is another popular energy-saving solution. For a one-off fee you can have your cavity walls and/or loft insulated. This will enable your house to retain heat more effectively and, in turn, reduce your energy usage. Or you can install solar panels to your roof. Even in the UK where it feels like we hardly ever see the sun, it is possible to harness daylight to create electricity.

With government-backed grants available for solar panels and insulation, it has never been easier to save energy in the home.  There are a host of ways you can save money and precious energy in your home and you don’t have to stop at installing LED lighting.  Now is the time to act!

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