The light bulb ban took place in 2009 and so began the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs.

EU phased out the incandescent bulbs in a move to make Europe more energy efficient. With the ban in place it’s even more reason to go LED.

The latest addition to the ban is the filament reflector bulb meaning that since the 1st of September, they stopped producing that type of bulb. However, there is an LED version available.

Most companies have a range of alternative reflector bulbs and LED ones are available on the site. This includes: Philips, Megaman, Sylvania and Crompton. So if you’re looking for a replacement choose to conserve energy and get an LED version.

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Alan Duerden
Alan Duerden
9 years ago

Small point: The last sentence of Catherine’s blog does not read properly. It says “So if you’re looking for a replacement choose to be conserve energy and get an LED version.” The word “be” is not required.

Catherine McGowan
Catherine McGowan
9 years ago
Reply to  Alan Duerden

Thanks for letting me know Alan, I’ve fixed it now.