Who could forget Harry Enfield’s endearing comic creation, Tim Nice-but-Dim? He was not one for bright ideas. But with dimmable LED light bulbs now widely available, making the switch to dimmers is the smart thing to do.

So what exactly are the advantages of dimmers over regular switches?

Even the most dim-witted among us – Tim included – can appreciate the benefits variable lighting provides. By using dimmer switches, you can adjust the brightness in a room to suit the mood and occasion. Whether you want a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom or need good illumination in the kitchen, dimmable LED lighting provides instant results at the turn of a switch.

And there are energy-saving benefits too. Dimmable lights don’t just use less electricity, they also lengthen the bulb’s life. The American Lighting Association suggests lights account for 25% of a homeowner’s electricity bill. Installing dimmable switches is just one of a number of ways to save energy on lighting in the home. And it goes without saying you’ll save money in the process!

Dimmable switches enhance the existing energy-saving benefits of LED lighting. If you’re thinking of changing to LED light bulbs, you will need to check your existing dimmers are compatible.  If in doubt, your electrician will be able to advise you.  LED light bulbs run on a low wattage and require a constant current. This is great when it comes to your electricity bill  So, changing to LED-compatible dimmer switches might be the solution, and an excellent range is now available.

This means you can have smooth dimmable lighting throughout your home. So don’t just dim some of your lighting – enjoy the benefits of dimmable LED lighting in every room!

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