A group of companies in Taiwan are coming together to develop OLEDs.

This group of companies are know an The Organic Light-emitting Diode Lighting Commercialisation Alliance (OLCA). It was set up by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as part of their aim to change Taiwan’s economy from depending on labour-intensive industries to high-tech industries.

COmpanies in OLCA include Merck, RiTDisplay, Semiconductor Inc, Tongtai, Corning and WiseChip.

OLCA will have five committees covering different technical aspects to improve OLEDs to the point where they can compete with LEDs and fluorescents.

Despite a recent drop in the OLED market. ITRI estimate that the OLED market will reach $5.6 (£3.3) billion in 2020 which equates to 23.4% of the estimated lighting market of $23.9 (£14) billion.

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