There’s been a recent increase on the advancements of Smart Cities recently and now BMW have even contributed with a new kind of streetlight.

The streetlamp is called Light and Charge and has all the energy saving benefits of a regular LED streetlight but is also an electric car charger.

Smart LED streetlights are already being trialled for city use as not only does LED technology save energy but it can be easily combined with a sensor. This means that the sensors can pick up when there is a lot of traffic, a lot of people or even not enough parking spaces. This would then be communicated to a computer on the same network. It could even detect an accident making it quicker to get emergency services to the scene.

BMW are putting some of these Light and Charge streetlamps in Munich in 2015.

BMW Board Member, Peter Schwarzenbauer, said:

Light and Charge is a simple and innovative solution which aims to seamlessly integrate a smoothly functioning charging station network and the urban landscape.

Not only are car companies moving in to the lighting industry but internet companies such as Google and Apple are already looking at home lighting.

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