This isn’t a declaration to take up arms and do battle with the energy suppliers (no matter how tempting this may sound), but a suggestion about how you can cut your energy costs. So what do you need to do? For a start – choose LED lighting.

Newspapers, blogs and TV commentators have had a lot to say about increases in fuel prices over the past year or so. But one simple fact remains: consumers and business owners are paying much higher bills. No wonder low energy lighting is attracting such interest.

Commentators are proposing a three-pronged approach to fighting the energy price rises:

  • Shop around for the best gas and electricity deal
  • Consider installing wind turbines or solar panels to create your own energy
  • Reduce the energy you use

The last point applies regardless of anything else. It’s also the area where you can take immediate action, and where LED light bulbs can help.

The moment you replace incandescent bulbs with LED equivalents, you save money. For example, an E14 small Edison screw LED bulb gives you 220 lumens of light but uses just 3 watts of power. This is an efficiency rating of 73 lumens per watt of electricity. A standard E14 bulb has an efficiency rating of just 12.5 lumens per watt.

By changing an incandescent bulb for an LED bulb, you instantly increase a light fitment’s energy efficiency. Repeat this throughout your home or place of work, and you cut lighting bills dramatically.

LED light bulbs come in all common screw and bayonet fittings. Their shapes include round, candle and spotlight, and you can buy LED lighting to replace fluorescent tubes. What’s more, LED light bulbs have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours.

Fight the energy price rises! Buy LED light bulbs.

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