Traditional floodlighting is costly. To create daylight conditions with metal halide, sodium or tungsten halogen floodlights, you need a lot of electricity.

Using LED light bulbs instead will cut your costs when running outdoor events.

You can calculate the cost-savings of LED floodlighting easily. For example, an 80-watt LED can produce the same light as an ordinary 400-watt bulb. This means the LED uses 20% of the electricity needed to power the standard bulb. So if you spend £100 of electricity lighting an outdoor event with ordinary floodlights, you could reduce this bill to £20 with LED light bulbs.

What’s more, the quality of LED floodlight technology is exceptional. LED floodlights are as good as, if not better than, traditional equivalents. This is because manufacturers of LED lighting are working hard to produce more compact and versatile floodlight solutions.

These include LED light bulbs with neutral, warm and cold versions of white light, and colour-changing floodlights with red, blue, amber and green. LED floodlights are also available with different beam widths. You can choose wide, medium or narrow beams to match your intended use.

LED floodlights are not just fixed, either. You can mount portable versions on stands for temporary outdoor events. The lights are weatherproof and simple to set up.

The latest technology for LED floodlights also extends to adjustable lenses. By changing the shape of the lens, it’s possible to turn an LED floodlight into a spotlight.

So if you’re planning an outdoor event, think LED light bulbs for floodlighting. You can cut back on energy costs, improve the quality of the light, and make the event an even bigger success.

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Sandra Trickett
Sandra Trickett
9 years ago

Could you please recommend some 10W LED coloured flood lights for an outdoor public event (Christmas Market) for lighting the stalls and the pathway. Many thanks.