Lighting is an incredibly important yet oft-overlooked design aspect in the home.

In this article we’re going to take a look a few different ways in which you can apply modern lighting fixtures to really enhance the overall atmosphere in your house.


The mind typically conjures visions of luxury and wealth when we think of chandeliers, but they have actually become increasingly common in all manner of homes over the years.

Opting for a chandelier with a more contemporary style and positioning it in a hallway or entryway into your home can create a truly stunning impression as you or your guests walk through your door and are greeted by a statement of warmth and taste.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for providing just enough light in just the right spot, or conversely, illuminating the majority of a room.

The choice really is yours, and with such a wide variety of lamps ranging from the decorative to the purely functional and everything in between, a free-standing floor lamp can offer much in the way of flexibility and style.

GU10 LED light bulbs are the most suitable type for lamps of this kind and they are also available in a dimmable form, providing you with even more freedom in satisfying your home illumination needs!

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces or wall lamps are a great way of stylishly illuminating a specific area of a room without the clutter which can sometimes be caused by floor lamps.

The light emitted from wall sconces tends to be a little more diffused rather than there being a bulb or bulbs pointing at a direct area, and this makes them ideal for use in the bathroom or in hallways where stark, bright lights aren’t always appropriate.

Pendant Lights

Dating to as far back as Ancient Rome, pendant lights have certainly come a long way in terms of both their form and function.

The amazing thing about pendant lights is their sheer versatility. Whether you’re looking for a retro, traditional, or purely contemporary theme, or even an amalgamation of multiple themes, this can be easily achieved with pendants.

Much like chandeliers, pendant lights can also be placed in hallways and stairwells to provide the exact amount of illumination that you’re looking for.

Track Lighting

When it comes to modern lighting fixtures, there really is no alternative for track lighting.

Track lighting can be fixed directly to your ceiling or beams, or alternatively you can have it dangling lower via cables, or even attach it to a wall for a wonderfully contemporary appearance.

There are a variety of track types available besides the standard one, including monorail and two-circuit monorail tracks, and you can often customize the tracks to get them ordered just how you want.

This level of customization enables you to really create a personal touch in the way that you light your home, making track lighting a superior choice to many alternatives.

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