Remember the old glow in the dark stars that you used to blu-tac to your ceiling as a child?

Or maybe your favourite night light you couldn’t sleep without? Well these may become a thing of the past for future generations thanks to new LED light up bedspreads and curtains. A French Firm has created a material that lights ups and glows in what is described as a “subtle and mysterious” effect.

The fabric uses fiber-optics to carry the light through and has a battery operated LED pack to provide the light. The new material called Luminex can be made in a variety of colours and can have multiple applications. Curtains and Bedspreads have been the main application so far, but lots of other possibilities are available including heart shaped cushions. The material has even been used to create glowing clothes, that would defiantly turn a few heads on a night out

A light up bedspread could be a great item for children who can’t sleep without a light on. However at the hefty price of £320 per item, you may be better with just a simple bedside lamp. The material has been carefully chosen as it does not heat up and poses no risks of electrical shocks making it completely safe for the intended uses. It can even be washed, although it has to be washed very carefully.

Although this material is very clever and from the pictures, seems to produce a nice level of ambient glow lighting, we are not convinced that sleeping with a bedspread lit up may be all that practical. It can of course be turned off but then it seems to loose the point of glowing anyway! It is a fun gadget but for the price tag it may be for only real gadget enthusiasts. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see how this product develops and what other uses it may potentially have in the future!

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