If you are a cyclist you will know how difficult it can be to see what lies ahead with just your bike lamp.

Engineers from Sichuan University have designed a clever LED lit grid, which shows the bike rider the terrain in front of them. Allowing you to see potholes, kerbs and curves in the road. Making cycling safer and easier.

The light, called the Lumigrid, is an LED light projector. When fixed to a bicycle’s handle bars, the system projects a light grid (see above) onto the ground in front of the bike. The grid can then be adjusted to a preferable size for the user. If the terrain is smooth, the grid appears uninterrupted, but if the grid falls on rough ground with bumps etc, the grid appears distorted; alerting the rider to the change in terrain ahead.

The Lumigrid has been awarded a Red Dot Design Award in the ‘best of the best’ category. The projector is powered through the motion of the bikes wheels meaning you haven’t got to worry about carrying replacement batteries, but when stationary it can still be lit using internal batteries. The Lumigrid isn’t yet available to purchase but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for it, we think it’s a brilliant gadget and a must have for any budding cyclist.

LED light bulbs have been helping to make cycling safer in other ways too. Using LED light bulbs on your helmet or frame can make you more visible to other road users and help you see where you are going clearer. Their bright strong beam makes you highly visible and their low power consumptions and long life span means they can be powered by a very small motor or battery which will often last as long as your bike.

You can even now have lights incorporated into the wheels, these light up as you ride, they not only look good they will again help to make you visible, therefore making you safer on roads when riding in low visibility.

Bike riding can be great exercise and save you a considerable amount on petrol or public transport costs. But it can be dangerous remember to ensure you are wearing proper and correct safety wear and that you and your bike can be visible in any conditions by all other road users. Next time you are out on your bike have think about how you use or could use LED light bulbs to make you safer.

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