LED bulbs are used everywhere and are fast becoming accepted as the most energy efficient lighting available. 

Any application that requires a light being switched on for a long period of time is ideally suited to LED bulbs as this is when you see the most energy savings.  An unlikely new area that is welcoming LED light bulbs is lighting for fish tanks.

Lighting fish tanks can be surprisingly expensive as they require an average of  8-9 hours of light per day with some need constant 24 hour illumination.  The traditionally used halogen bulbs will need constantly changing as their life span is around 1/30th of LED bulbs.  This makes not only the electricity bill higher but also the maintenance bill higher with added inconvenience of having to go out and replace the bulb when it fails.  With LED’s you will not need to change the bulb for around 15 years which is a big saving of time and money.

It is no surprise to learn that with all of the cost savings LED’s are the most popular bulbs used to light fish tanks and aquariums.

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