The American Society of Landscape Architects released results of its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey.

The results showed that, not surprisingly, lighting topped the list of in-demand outdoor living features.

There are plenty of new ways to illuminate your garden with LED light bulbs. As I’m sure you’re aware, LED light bulbs are a long-lasting and low-energy way of lighting your home or garden, giving a beautiful appearance while being good for the planet and your wallet!

Whatever your needs are for outdoor lighting whether it’s safety or decorative, SimplyLED have got you covered.

For ambience, parties or highlighting use coloured bulbs such as this SMART dimmable GU10 LED. It’s small size and dimmable effect provide a great look and you can adjust the light to make certain features more noticeable.

Other options for using LED light bulbs to highlight features of your garden is subtle deck lighting, installing small but powerful bulbs into your decking, driveway or path gives you an exterior illumination with a difference. If you’re in need of a stronger deck lighting for safety or decorative reasons a better choice is using a floodlight or several floodlights placed alongside the decking.

If your garden contains trees and bushes, strip lights can be placed in the foliage giving a subtle and sophisticated glow to the outskirts of your garden.

With lighting becoming more affordable, easier to keep (less maintenance) and with so many choices to accentuate your garden features, outdoor lighting is fast becoming one of the biggest garden trends of the year.

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