Following the 2009 ban on incandescent light bulbs, there has been a growing trend to get the antique look of those energy consuming filament light bulbs.

The incandescent bulbs are missed because they emit a warm glow and the visible filament gave a decorative element to the bulb even when unlit. With technology advancing and the world moving towards more energy efficient lighting solutions there had to be a way to make LED light bulbs more appealing to the incandescent fans. Sylvania have recently released a range of LED filaments so you no longer have to make the choice between decorative lighting and energy savings.

These bulbs recreated the look of your classic filament. The look is so versatile that it can look edgy and masculine or elegant and classic, it all depends on how you style the rest of your room. They go with most décor choices and don’t need fancy fixtures as the bulb looks great by itself. Most people have it on show as it makes much more of a statement.

A lot of people prefer these bulbs in chandeliers as they feel it gives a more flattering glow.

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Lighting R Us
Lighting R Us
9 years ago

great blog post, these are popular with our customers!