The LIFX is a Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb that can be easily controlled from your tablet or smartphone. The app is free and available from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Apps Store.

You can dim or brighten the bulb as well as turn it off or on using the app. If you replace all your bulbs in a room with them you can change the brightness of the whole room. Not only can you adjust the brightness but you can change the colour of the light(s) too. The ability to adjust the lights remotely means no more fumbling in the dark looking for the light switch and will be especially helpful now the mornings and evenings are beginning to get darker.

Even though it is a smart bulb it still has the same great benefits of ordinary LED light bulbs. The bulb will last for around 40,000 hours which means no constant reinstalling. It also is as bright as a 75W bulb while only using a quarter of the energy. With the easily dimming feature it can save more energy and can use as little as 0.2W.

As an added bonus (like you needed another one) the smart bulb is easier to install than your average dimming system – requires no electricians and no control boxes. All that is required is you screw the light bulb in, download the app, then just follow the app’s simple instructions.

The app contains some great features including: turning the lights off and on, dimming or brightening, changing the colour, creating groups (e.g. each room), name each bulb and ‘save scenes’.

Coming soon to the app is: music visualizer, notifications and alarms. To access the new features (when released) all you have to do is update the app. So Easy.

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