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Dimmable bulbs brightness vs. non-dimmable bulbs

Q.  Are the dimmable bulbs the same brightness on full as the non-dimmable bulbs? A. Yes! For example: if you have 2...

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Dimmable bulbs – brightness

Q. What is the lowest that SimplyLED’s dimmable bulbs will dim to? A. The bulbs can dim down to about 35% brightness....

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Dimmer switch style

Q. Will you be stocking different styles of dimmer switch? A. Yes, SimplyLED will shortly be stocking the dimmer switches in chrome,...

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Dimmer switch wiring

Q. Is the wiring on the SimplyLED dimmer switch the same as my existing dimmer switch?

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Dimmer switch back box depth

Q. What is the depth of the back box of the dimmer switch? A. The depth is a pretty standard 25mm. SimplyLED...

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Dimmable bulbs & normal light switches

Q. Can SimplyLED’s dimmable bulbs be used with normal light switches as well as dimmer switches?

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What are Lumens?

When purchasing any kind of light bulbs, you are more than likely to come across the term “Lumen rating”. A bulb’s Lumen...

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Dimmable Bulbs

The purpose of this blog is for information only and is not really intended to promote our products. With this in mind,...

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Beware of Cheap Bulbs

As LED lighting becomes more and more popular, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of low cost LED lighting with...

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The Importance of Beam Angles

Choosing a bulb with the correct beam angle can make all the difference when furnishing your home. The beam angle is the...

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