When you replace your old incandescent and CFL light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs, it is important you dispose of them carefully.

Incandescent and CFL light bulbs should not be put in with your glass recycling. This is because they contain metal and other parts which cannot be recycled with glass.

Unfortunately, incandescent light bulbs cannot be recycled (another good reason for switching to LEDs!) and must go in your household waste bin.

CFL light bulbs can be taken to most local authority recycling centres. If you are serious about energy-saving, why not wait until you have enough recycling to make it worth the trip? Simply store your old CFL bulbs carefully in a box until you’re ready to visit the recycling centre. Here’s a link to help you find your nearest recycling centre.

If you are unsure what light bulbs you can recycle, visit the Recycle Now website. By entering your postcode, you’ll find out what recycling facilities are available at your local centre.

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