If you are embarking on your own Grand Designs project, or looking to update your business’s lighting and are considering using LED, tell us about it!

We are always fascinated to hear about how our LED lighting is being used and are happy to help advice on the right products to suit a particular task.

We would love to know if your business or building project is using LED lighting. Whether you are at the stage of deciding whether to convert to LED, have a few questions on your project, or it is completed and you want to show off your LED light bulbs; please get in touch. Send us your questions, ideas, photos or details of your projects. We can help to advise you how to get the most out of using LED light bulbs and point you in the direction of items you might need. Or if you have completed a project large or small we would love to know about it.

We are looking to build up a portfolio of case studies about projects and businesses using LED lighting. We want to display these on our blog to help others and show off the benefits of using LED lighting. If you are interested in being featured in one of these case studies please get in contact with us by phone: 0845 459 8010.

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