SGU10s are similar to GU10s bulbs, but have a specially adapted base.  They were introduced for eco-homes with low energy-lighting. The special fitting ensures the SGU10s cannot be replaced with less energy efficient bulbs, so preserving the integrity of the eco-construction.

SGU10 fittings help reduce CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption. If you are planning to create an eco-home, make sure your lighting remains energy efficient in the future by installing SGU10 fittings.

A GU10 bulb has a twist and lock mechanism. They have built-in drivers so you don’t need any additional fittings. However, GU10 bulbs won’t fit the special SGU10 fittings found in eco-homes. GU10 lighting is often found in spotlights in kitchens and bathrooms.

They provide narrow beam angles which are useful to light specific areas. MR (Multifaceted Reflector) lamps are commonly used in these applications.

GU10 fittings can take both halogen and LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. Halogen bulbs can be used with GU10 fittings, but LED lighting offers a safer and more energy efficient option. LED light bulbs do not generate as much heat as their halogen equivalent, and have a considerably longer life-span.

LED light bulbs are also more cost-effective long-term, so are the best choice in virtually all respects. There are only LED bulbs available for GU10 fittings on our website.

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