We all know the feeling. Walking to your car in a badly lit car park, lights buzzing and flashing and you start to feel like you are walking into the opening scene of a horror film.

No one likes to feel unsafe, especially during the darker winter evenings, but an improvement on the lighting in a public area can make a huge difference to your feelings of safety. The use of LED lights can go a long way to making people feel safer. The bright, clear light, output by LED light bulbs will help make those dark and dingy areas a thing of the past.

Why LED light bulbs?

LED light bulbs can produce a strong, consistent light which, unlike fluorescent lighting will not flicker. Other light sources will often produce unwanted noise or loud buzzing, but with LED light bulbs this is not the case. LED light bulbs also benefit from an increased lifespan and a very low failure rate. These benefits combined make LED lighting ever more attractive. The reduced maintenance will help save money and unnecessary time spent, attending areas that are not lit due to failed bulbs. The powerful light, output from LED light bulbs will help to make people feel safer. Statistics also suggest that the brighter lighting will help deter criminals and reduce overall crime levels.

LED lighting can also be seen to have financial benefits too as their low power consumption means users will make considerable savings on electricity bills, and the long life span of the bulbs means less maintenance and associated costs.

Where Could LED Lighting Be Used?

One obvious place where LED lighting could be used to its advantage could be in underground or dark car parks. People will feel safer and feel when the well lit car parks will help reduce vehicle crime. LED lighting is also great for street lighting, in particular underpass lighting. Again their bright light makes people feel safer, as they can see who is around and know they can be seen easily. LED lighting can also be used to light up play areas and parks, especially skate and bike parks used by young people. The bright light allows them to make the use of the facilities regardless of the time of year, yet feel safe even after dark.

How Do I Know If It Is LED?

If you are unsure if the lighting in a public space is LED, there are a few simple ways to tell. If the light is brighter or whiter than normal, it might be LED light bulbs. Often in public spaces, councils or other management companies will opt for a ‘cool’ white, as this is most like daylight. If you look at the lighting (do not look directly for a long time as this may cause eye damage) often you can see many little bulbs or ‘chips’ within the fixture and this is another indication of LED lighting. If you use a facility such as a car park and feel it would benefit from LED lighting, why not contact the owner or manager of the area, and highlight the benefits LED light bulbs would have. It will save them money and make you feel safer; how can they refuse?

LED light bulbs are now being seen as more than just an eco friendly replacement to high energy consuming incandescent lighting. They are being proven as being safer, more cost effective and producing better quality of light. The addition of LED light bulbs to any public space will improve the look and feel of it instantly, meaning more people will use the space even after dark. So next time you are parking your car, or walking along the street have a look around and see if you notice any LED lighting in place.

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