Planning a Halloween party? Why not use LED light bulbs to help you create a suitably spooky atmosphere?

There’s no need to restrict your party lighting to inside your home when you use LED light bulbs. They give you the option of either indoor or outdoor use, so make the most of it and go for both! Make your house the most eye-catching in the street by hanging LED string lights or rope lights over your front door and along your window sills.

LED lights come in all colours – go for green or purple for a bewitching effect. Best of all, you can use them year after year. The vibrant colours won’t fade, because LED light bulbs don’t have the issues of paint pigment and filament heat which incandescent bulbs do. The lights themselves are more durable: they are made of a special plastic with no filament, which will not break or flake the way glass often does. The average life of a white LED bulb is 50,000 hours and a coloured bulb 100,000, so they really will last you a lifetime.

No Halloween party is complete without a few strategically placed pumpkins. Forget about candles and light up your pumpkins with battery powered LED light bulbs – they won’t heat up your pumpkin, making them safer than other types of light. You can count on LED light bulbs to keep your pumpkin illuminated no matter how long the party goes on.

LED light bulbs are far safer than incandescent lights, because they generate very little heat. This is because they convert energy into light much more efficiently, and use, on average, 80-90% less electricity than regular lights. Naturally, less electricity means lower bills – more money to spend on a show-stopping Halloween party and some trick or treat goodies

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Rich Ronson
Rich Ronson
12 years ago

That is a great idea for use in a pumpkin and far easier and safer than using a traditional candle!