It may seem like the simplest element in the world, but light can have a variety of effects, more than you may actually realise. The whole atmosphere and tone of the room falls into the hands of lighting.

At its most basic, there are two types of tones you could implement when choosing a new light, or redecorating a room. These are warm lights or cold lights. Warmer lighting tends to have a little more of an orange tone to it, whereas colder lighting has more of a blue tone to it. Colder lighting is more commonly used in professional locations, such as offices and places of work, although with an increase in minimalistic design these days, we’re consistently seeing people choose to implement colder lighting tones into their homes. However, it’s nice to have more choice than that so we’re breaking free from these two tones of lighting, and we’re steadily seeing more bolder and vivid colours take the centre stage of a room.

Coloured LED lights can be used in various rooms to create the desired atmosphere. Bright colours such as yellows and oranges make a great addition to a party; they give off the idea of fun and happiness, whereas reds and purples are ideal for adding a more sultry and serious atmosphere to a room. Coloured LED light bulbs can also focus the attention onto a certain object in a room, a piece of art for example. Using the same colours in the colour scheme of the piece will work more effectively to make it the sole focus and talking point of the room.

More and more people these days are implementing the Vintage and Retro trend into their homes. Different colours reflect different decades, and when used correctly, they can create a funky and unique look to the room. If you have a themed room, using coloured LED lights can help create a stronger look for it, for example, a blue coloured LED light can add to the theme of a room based around aquariums and fish, whereas a sun room could be enhanced with strong yellow and orange colourings. Of course you don’t have to have a ‘themed’ room to use coloured LED lights. A strong colour schemed room would benefit just as much with coloured LED light bulbs. If you absolutely love the colour red for example and have a red colour scheme, why not add a red LED light into the equation? Cream, magnolia or white walls are pretty much a blank canvas – why not add a different splash of colour every day with your LED colour changing light bulb!

It may seem like a bold and scarily new thing to do, but it’s important to remember that coloured lights aren’t just for Christmas. Adding a bit of colour to your home can only be a great thing.

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