Light is a wonderful mood setter, and it can create the perfect tone for a romantic night in when used effectively. A candle-lit dinner is the classic, time-honoured way of creating a cosy atmosphere. But there are modern ways of adding sparkle to your love life too, and by using LED light bulbs you can be energy-efficient at the same time!

When dining or relaxing in the lounge, why not simulate a candle’s accent lighting with a sconce or even a table lamp? With romantic lighting, less is definitely more, and pockets of light provide a warmth which universal lighting would ruin.

Unless you use dimmers, of course. Dimmable LED light bulbs give you complete control of a romantic evening. Begin the night with the lights fairly bright, and gently lower them later as you snuggle up on the sofa. If you have automatic dimmers, you won’t even need to get up in between!

To really woo your partner, get creative. Fetch the fairy lights from the loft and add a touch of magic to your home. LED light bulbs strung around the fireplace are sure to impress your other half – and they’ll be touched by the effort you’ve made to make the night special.

The colour of the lighting is crucial when creating a romantic setting, as many a great film director has discovered. Bright white LED light bulbs can be unflattering to your complexion, but go overboard with coloured bulbs and your love nest will resemble a nightclub. Opt for bulbs with a subtle red tint and soften existing lampshades with darker fabrics. This will complement your skin and enhance the ambiance.

With LED light bulbs, there are many affordable ways to brighten up your love life. Have fun exploring these possibilities and don’t be afraid to dream up some of your own!

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